Yo china was the first franchisee restaurant opened in Patna inside 9to9 Super Market Bandar bagicha in 2006.

It is a speciality exclusive Chinese food restaurant priced moderately. Two more outlets were opened in 2010 & 11 at 9to9 Patna City & 9to9 Ashiana Nagar. Moreover, two outlets at Patna City & Ashiana Nagar also serves Indian,Mughlai & Tandoor along with chinese delicacies. We have to more outlet of Yo China one is at Kadamkuna and another one is Darbhanga in the year 2020.

Yo china assures free home delivery to any locality in patna within 45 minutes because of its strategic reach.

Yo China Tariff Menu


The Chinese phrase Dimsum literally means heart’s delight range of light bite sized appetizers

Name Price
Veg. Dimsum 135
Veg. Schezwan Mushroom Dimsum 145
Veg. Paneer Bao 145
Veg. Pan Fried Dumplings 145
Chicken Dimsum 155
Chicken Schezwan Dimsum 155
Chilly Chicken Bao 165
Chicken Pan Fried Dumplings 165
Spicy Steamed Chicken Dumplings 165


If you are looking for easy appetizers for a party, you’ve come to the right place. ... The perfect finger foods to satisfy a hungry crowd and light appetizer to snack on before dinner.

Name Price
Veg. Spring Roll 175
Honey Chilly Potato 175
Classic Chilly Potato 175
Corn Salt & Pepper 185
Chilly Paneer Dry 185
Crunchy Chickpeas 205
Chilly Baby Corn Dry 205
Veg. Chinese Pizza 205
Dry Mushroom in Hong Kong Style 205
Mushroom Chilly Dry 205
Crunchy Crispy Corn 205
Crispy Babycorn in Sesame Toast 205
Chilly Garlic Winglets 205
Chicken Satay 215
Name Price
Classic Chilli Chicken Dry 215
Chicken Cheese Gin Ball 215
Chicken Lollypop 225
Minced Chicken Drums Beater 225
Drums of Heaven 225
Chicken Chinese Pizza 225
Crispy Honey Chicken 235
Tai Chi Chicken 265
Chilly Fish Dry 325
Smoked Chilly King Prawn 345
Prawn Salt & Pepper 345
Fish Finger 415
Fish ‘n’ Chips 425


Soup is a primarily liquid food, generally served warm or hot that is made by combining ingredients of meat or vegetables with stock, juice, water, or another

Name Price
Veg. Sweet Corn Soup 105
Veg. Hot & Sour Soup 105
Veg. Manchow Soup 105
Veg. Lemon Coriander Soup 105
Veg. Talumein Soup 105
Tomato Soup 115
Veg. Clear Soup 115
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup 115
Chicken Hot & Sour Soup 115
Chicken Manchow Soup 115
Chicken Lemon Coriander Soup 115
Chicken Talumein Soup 115
Chicken Clear Soup 125
Chicken Dumpling Soup 125


Accompaniments are highly flavoured seasonings of various kinds offered with certain dishes. The object of offering accompaniments with dishes is to improve the flavour of the food or to counteract its richness or texture.

Name Price
Green Salad 75
Raita(Boondi, Cucumber, Onion) 75


Vegetarian Main Course

Name Regular Price Large Price
Classic Vegetable Manchurian 255 435
Veg. Stir Fry in Hot Garlic Sauce 255 435
Veg. Thai Red Curry 365 445
Chilly Paneer gravy 235 445
Corn, Peas Mushroom Malha Sauce 275 445
Veg. Kung Pao Clay Pot 275 455
Exotic Veggies Malha Clay Pot 275 455
Zyng Zyng Schezwan Clay Pot 275 455


Name Regular Price Large Price
Chicken Hot Garlic 295 485
Chicken Hong Kong 295 485
Classic Chilly Chicken 295 485
Thai Red Curry Chicken 295 485
Sliced Chicken in Oyster Sauce 295 485
Cantonese Chicken 295 485
Chicken Kung Pao Clay Pot 315 495
Legendary Chicken Malha Clay Pot 315 495
Zyng Zyng Schezwan Chicken Clay Pot 315 495
Lamb in Hot Garlic Sauce 315 495
Mongolian Lamb Clay Pot 315 495


Name Regular Price Large Price
Fish Hot Garlic 355 575
Chilly Fish 355 575
Fish Ginger Chilly Garlic 355 575
Fish in Soya Chilly 355 575
Prawn Hot Garlic 375 585
Thai Red Curry Prawn 375 585
Lemon Glass Prawn Curry 375 585
Buddha’s Lobster 995  

Choice of sauce-Malha, Butter Garlic, Mongolian



Name Price
Steamed Rice 145
Veg Hakka Noodle 165
Veg Fried Rice 165
Veg Chilly Garlic Noodles 175
Veg. Peking Fried Rice 185
Moonlight Vegetable Chopsuey 205
Yan Chow Fried Rice 205
Veg Chilly Garlic Fried Rice 205
Veg Pad Thai Noodle 225
Veg Pan Fried Noodle 225

Non Vegetarian

Name Price
Chicken Hakka Noodles 175
Chicken Fried Rice 175
Chicken Chilly Garlic Noodles 185
Chicken Peking Fried Rice 205
Chicken Chilly Garlic Fried Rice 215
Chicken American Chopsuey 225
Chicken Yan Chow Fried Rice 225
Chicken Pad Thai Noodle 245
Chicken Pan Fried Noodle 245
Chicken Korean Rice 235


Name Price
Veg Seekh Kabab 225
Hara Bhara Kabab 225
Dahi Kabab 245
Paneer Tikka 255
Chicken Leg Kabab (2 pcs) 265
Chicken Seekh Kabab 265
Chicken Malai Kabab 265
Chicken Tiikka 265
Name Price
Tandoori Chicken(Half) 265
Tandoori Chicken (Full) 485
Chicken Afghani Kabab 275
Chicken Gulfam Kabab 275
Chicken Kali Mirch Kabab 275
Fish Amritsari 311
Fish Tikka (Ajwain / Achari) 311
Dahakte Jhinga 375


Name Price
Jeera Pulao 175
Veg. Pulao 205
Veg. Biryani 215
Kashmiri Pulao 225
Chicken Biryani 225
Mutton Biryani 365
Tandoori Rooti 30
Butter Roti 35
Plain Naan 45
Name Price
Lachha Paratha 50
Methi Paratha 50
Butter naan 55
Stuff Naan 70
Stuff Kulcha 70
Garlic Naan 70
Mirchi Paratha 375
Chicken Keema Naan 125



Name Price
Daal Tadka 205
Dal Makhani 225
Mix Vegetable 255
Veg Jhalfarazi 255
Veg Rezala 255
Aloo Dum Kashmiri 255
Kadai Paneer 275
Paneer Butter Masala 275
Palak Paneer 275
Paneer Do Pyaza 275
Mushroom Do Pyaza 285
Malai Kofta Lajawab 285

Non Vegetarian

Name Price
Egg Curry 275
Kadai Chicken 335
Chicken Do Pyaza 335
Chicken Rezala 335
Chicken Dehati 335
Chicken Nurjahani 345
Chicken Butter Masala 345
Chicken Tikka Lababdar 355
Mutton Rogan Josh 365
Rara Mutton 365
Bhuna Mutton 365
Fish Curry Amritsari 365
Murg Mussalam 695


Name Price
Coca Cola Thums Up MRP
Sprite Fanta-600ml MRP
Diet Coke MRP
Mineral Water (Kinley) MRP


Name Price
Chocolate Brownie 115
Gulab Jamun 60


Chinese Veg

Name Price
Veg Manchurian or 209
Veg Hot Garlic or
Chilly Paneer

Chinese Non Veg

Name Price
Chicken Manchurian or 219
Chicken Hot Garlic or
Chilly Chicken

Indian Veg

Name Price
Paneer Kadai or 250
Paneer Butter Masala or
Mix vegetable

Indian Non Veg

Name Price
Chicken Kadai or 275
Chicken Butter Masala or
Chicken Do Pyaza

All Chinese Value Meal with Veg Fried Rice or Veg hakka Noodle & Veg Spring Roll Kimchi Salad

Note: For Chicken Noodle or Chicken Fried Rice pay Rs. 40 Extra

All Indian value meal Served with pulao, Dal Fry, Raita, Pickle, Sweet Paratha, Salad

Note: For add any 2nd Veg Main Dish Pay Rs 75 Extra

For add any 2nd Non-Veg Main Dish Pay Rs. 105 Extra

Terms and Condition

  • Please announce the coupon at the time of placing the order
  • Coupon in original is required to redeem the offer
  • Offer valid on delivery & take away only
  • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other/Promotional/discount
  • One coupon is valid for on bill